A Java Geek by Nicolas Fränkel

Kishore Kumar Reddy Kadapa


As one of the most popular Java blogs for programmers who love the craft of programming, Nicolas Fränkel’s blog features in-depth program explanations, diagrams, log management, and many more. Nicolas Fränkel is a software architect who has proven his expertise in several Java technologies including internet applications, build processes, Java EE, Spring framework, etc. 

Currently, he is the developer advocate at Exoscale, a prominent European cloud hosting company. Also, he’s a renowned author when it comes to Java-related books. Learning Vaadin 7 (two editions), Integration Testing from the Trenches are two of his notable books.

In Java Geek blog, you can find articles on topics such as JUnit vs TestNG, Kotlin and mutation testing, log management in Spring Boot, and many more. If you are an experienced Java programmer, you can greatly benefit from this blog. It’s because Fränkel uses a less explanation based but more of his perspective/opinion throughout this blog.

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